It’s easy. Stop by any Guest Services Center located at the Golden Mardi Gras, Golden Gates or Golden Gulch Casinos with a valid government issued photo identification.

FreePlay is promotional credits that can be downloaded directly to your favorite machines. FreePlay may be offered as part of our mail program or awarded as prizes. FreePlay is dollar for dollar and may be downloaded in whole dollar increments. Once FreePlay is downloaded to a machine, you must play all of the credits on that machine.

Yes, they do. Comps are earned on a daily basis. Comps will expire two (2) months or 60 days after they are earned. Points will expire after six (6) months of inactivity. Manually adjusted FreePlay will expire after two (2) months of issuance and uploaded Direct Mail FreePlay will expire on its designated expiration date.

Yes, based on a 90 day play period you may qualify for our direct mail offers. Depending on your play, slot or table games preference and frequency of visits, you may receive slot OR table games offers, food offers, drawing entry offers and/or bonus offers.

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